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I hope that you have a beautiful week, filled with laughter and fresh starts!  Monday Intuition showcases my Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance deck.  This deck was inspired by Spirit and illustrated by Victoria Heryet.  To order your own copy, book a one on one reading or attend one of my events, please visit!

Lots of love to you!  Thank you for being a part of Monday Intuition!  xoxo

A.  Lightening Strikes:

It is now or never…or at least not for a while!  You have been called to make a choice, and it is one to be made on instinct.  Everything can change in the blink of an eye.  You are also being called to pay attention to the serendipitous happenings.  You are always in the right place at the right time.  The dance between fate and free will shine for you this week.  Just remember, only ask for the truth if you really want to hear it.  What you see and hear will impact your choices.  Things happen fast this week for you!  Take a deep breath, look up to the universe and enjoy the ride!

The number 7 reminds you that everything is divinely planned.  You are connected to that plan and are the energy behind it!  The number 4 is asking you what is not feeling safe or stable for you right now.  Thing moving quickly may not be in your comfort zone, however that does not make them unsafe.  You are being called to work with the Root Chakra around that idea of safety.  Look to your younger experiences and ask if the lessons are still relevant today!

B.  Plant Your Feet:

It is a week of rest, consideration and self care for you this week!  Things have been busy, and may still be.  However, you are being asked to slow and see how things play out.  You do a lot for others, and now it is time to do for you!  Cozy up in your favourite chair, with a book that you can lose yourself in.  Bring forward all of the comforts that make you feel at home.  It is also a great time to introduce or re-introduce some personal practises such as yoga, dance, meditation and clean eating.  Allow your energy to focus on your needs and your home.  The rest of the world can wait!

You too, are being called to work with the Root Chakra this week.  For you it is all about comfort and feeling at home.  For those who tend to run, this might be a tough week for you, as you are being asked to be still and be present.  For the energy of the number 6, consider a nesting mother.  She is not busy with the taking care of, she is ensuring that her home is in order and taking rest where it is needed.  This is the energy for you to sink into!  The number 3 is that creative force within, allowing change when it allows for things to be better than they were before.  There is no room for chaos or drama.  Enjoy the comforts and the peace that only you can bring to yourself!

C.  The Secret Keeper:

This might be one of those weeks where you are learning more than you really wanted to know.  You are being called to trust your gut this week!  You may be asked or expected to do things that do not align with your values and morals.  You may learn things that do not fit as well.  Years ago when I worked in child welfare, I would explain to children that a surprise is something that everyone will learn about and does not hurt anyone.  A secret is something that does not feel good and sometimes people do not want us to tell.  You will be called on this energy this week.  Trust your body and soul!  Sometimes we need to say something.  Sometimes we need to understand that we can not change the choices of others and offer prayers instead.  Remember, we are all ding the best we can with what we have, and it is not your responsibility to save everyone!  Be gentle with yourself, my friend!

The Throat Chakra comes forward to remind you to live in your truth!  Your words, even when silent, are being heard!  The number 8 reminds you that you, and others, are infinite beings!  There is room for growth and adjustment!  We are all evolving to this or something better!


Sam Black
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